Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pay It Forward * [Fife Child Photographer]

About a year ago I remember meeting Michelle Ocampo for coffee to find out how to really use my camera on manual and the "secrets" of Photoshop. I remember that was the day that everything clicked for me. Today I got to meet with Jennifer (Little J's mom) to help her get started with her new Canon 40D! It was a lot of fun and Kylen was really excited to play with Little J's brother A while we were chatting. I did a little mini session w/ Ky when they left.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a girl! * [Tacoma Maternity Photographer]

I met the L family today. They are expecting a wonderful little girl in May. I can't wait to meet Miss L! Enjoy your sneak peak.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Round 1 ends today....get on and vote for Ky!!!  

And an update:  We took Ky to the Dr. yesterday and she said his burn is looking great!  It looks like it was all a 2nd degree burn...so it should heal nicely without any scarring...yeah!

1 more week until Spring Break!!!  I can't wait!  Next Friday we're going down to my inlaws to visit.  That Saturday,  I'm going to the Tots to Teens photography workshop in Portland.  I'm really excited!  Then on Sunday, I'm meeting up with another photographer, Jennifer,  from the area.  I can't wait!!!!

Okay...back to cleaning!  Bella decided to leave me a "surprise" on the steps and carpet when I woke up today..yuck!  The carpet needed cleaning anyways...but still! Ugh!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vote for Kylen!!!

I entered Kylen's picture into a local radio station baby contest.  Voting starts tomorrow at noon. Help Ky Ky win! :-)  

Sweet Pea

I had the pleasure of meeting little D today.  He is such a sweetheart at only 4 days old.  Enjoy your sneak peak...I had a hard time quitting editing for the night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The one I love...my sweet baby boy * [Fife Child Photographer]

I just love him....What a trooper! We went back to the Dr. today and she said it was looking good. She wants to see him again on Friday to make sure it's not infected and healing nicely. Overall...Ky had a good day! It was actually sunny out here! Ky and I took a walk around downtown Puyallup to check out the rest of the antique stores. We made a special stop in Indulge Cupcakes for a special treat. Yum! If you've never been there..you have to go! We shared a strawberry shortcake cupcake. ;-) We found a treasure below for only $15! I had to try it out when we got home. My poor boy...he's going to be so mad at me when he grows up...lol! Back to work tomorrow! G'night!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just wanted to give a little update on Ky. I took him to the Dr. today and she checked it out and put a new bandage on it. She wanted to wait another day to see if we would need to pop the blister. (yuck!) Kylen was on and off cranky...but overall..his usual self. We stopped at Toys R Us today for a little present. First he wanted the Elmo cell phone....got tired of that...then he found a camera toy (I was excited about that!)....but he got tired of that too....finally ended up with a pack of flashing toothbrushes! LMAO! Ky has a slight obsession with carrying around toothbrushes and plastic spoons! It's so weird but cute at the same time. After that visit we stopped at one of the antique stores in Puyallup. I found the perfect basket for my newborn session on Sunday! Can't wait to try it out! Okay...off to relax! Good night!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well...after many times of telling Kylen "hot hot"...he finally learned it the hard way. We were at Mike's house today and Kylen was walking over to Sage but took a detour to ..yes...the fireplace. Seconds later he had both his hands right on top of it...too quick for me to get to him on time. It was terrible to listen to him scream the whole time. Of course the urgent care place was busy...a 2-3 hour wait...but since Ky was screaming non stop and pretty loud...they let us cut the line. He's doing alright now...happy on his pain medicine and his hand is all wrapped up. What a scary day though!
(Yes, I took pictures with my cell phone...and yes...he's holding a toothbrush!)