Thursday, July 31, 2008

In Daddy's Arms...

Well...I finally made it through summer school! I was so excited today when one of my students gave me a present - a Starbucks cup where you can decorate it w/ your own pictures...I was really excited about that! Then before I left another student surprised me w/ flowers! They made my day! I'm excited to see some of them again this September...BUT I really do need the BREAK! ;-)

I'm so excited about tomorrow. I met another mom on one of the photography message boards I go on...and she lives close to my mom. We're going to meet up tomorrow and I'm going to take pictures of her daughter. I can't wait! are a few pictures of today. It's rare that Dan lets me take pictures of him. He was playing w/ Ky when I was on the computer I quickly grabbed my camera...switched it over to "auto" (haven't done that in a while!) and snapped a few shots. Kylen LOVES playing w/ his daddy! ...oh yeah...gotta love Dan's!

Well...Kylen went to sleep I'm going to enjoy my little bit of quiet...oh yeah...and work on the enormous mound of laundry *sigh*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was at my mom's today picking up Ky, and he said mama! It was so clear! I was so excited I started to get all teary eyed! My little boy is growing up! He was soooooooooooo cranky this afternoon though...I have a feeling his first little teeth are coming...poor guy! Thankfully...he's sound asleep now. Oh! For all of you that say Ky is a mini Dan...take a look at the 2nd picture...that's me at 4 mo! Can you believe it?! I think it totally looks like a picture of Ky...yeah! On Saturday...Dan and I went to my friend Kira's wedding. Kira and I worked at Heartwood Elementary and she's awesome! The wedding was so beautiful! I got goosebumps when I saw the kissing picture I took. It's not the best picture....but I just LOVE the moment that was can really see and feel their love! Awwwwww! K..gotta go to bed...2 more days of summer school....woo who!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I need to sleep! * [Olympia Senior Photographer]

LOL...I need to get to bed...I've been on the computer way too long! Here are a few more pics I edited for the "K" boys...enjoy!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Class of 2009

I had the opportunity to take senior pics for a co-worker's boys. Here's a "sneak preview" for you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

8 months!

Wow! I can't believe in a few hours Kylen will already be 8 months old! His first year is going by way too fast! Let's see...what's new w/ Ky... He has decided to quit nursing, so he is now on broke my heart, but he was so wiggly it's much easier now! He LOVES Bella. He was crying the other day when I was trying to feed him, so I showed him a picture of Bella and he started smiling. He still says da da da and not ma ma ma! He's a giggler and a total flirt! He LOVES his softy blankie that Joanne got him. He won't sleep w/o it! He loves to jump and is starting to like to be on his belly. Wonder what month 8 is going to bring! As for the rest of us, I'm teaching summer school this month, and so far it's going good. I'm teaching 9 kinders going into first and they are adorable! I also get to be the boss lady which is interesting...hehe. We definately need your prayers for Dan and us in general. It's now been over a month that L&I hasn't paid us. Dan's doctor confirmed that he does need surgery to fix his knee, but L&I are stalling the process. It's really hard to watch Dan lay around in pain all day. I wish they would hurry up...I want my hubby back! Anyways...I better get to bed. I was a lazy lady today and slept until 1:30 today. (Thanks Dan!!! :-) ) I soooo needed it though! Here's a few 8 mo pictures that I took today. I'm not 100% happy w/ I'm going to try again tomorrow. *HUGS*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun with Auntie Kelly!

We had so much fun today with Auntie Kelly. We wanted to go to Owens Beach, but it was too crowded. So...we decided to walk around the Rose Garden and then stop at Starbucks for a treat! Kylen wasn't in the picture taking mood...but he sure did have fun singing along the trail! ;-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

At the park

Here are a couple of pictures from the park yesterday...I'll have to write more later...I caught Kylen's cold!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OOOh! Canvas!

I just got my new 16x24" canvas in the mail! I love it! Dan rolled his! Where should I hang it? In Ky's room?

Monday, July 7, 2008


Kylen did it! Finally! He rolled tonight from back to belly! Of COURSE I missed it. Dan and I were eating dinner and he was playing w/ his toys and always rolls to his side...well...just when I wasn't watching he decided to roll all the way over! Dan saw him first and told me to look at him. I was so excited...but bummed that I missed his first time. Silly guy still had his arm stuck...but HE DID IT! Yeah! Kylen also got his first cold a few days ago...but it doing a lot better today. Now he's sound asleep I better get to bed too. Night!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy "5th" of July!

Yesterday was a lot of fun! My sis stopped by in the early afternoon to hang out. Then we went to Bryan and Sherise's for the annual 4th of July party. Kylen actually liked the fireworks (except the really big, long, loud one). Here are some pictures from yesterday and a slideshow of my snapshots! Summer school starts on Monday! (*sigh*)